Happy New Year: The Blog Ahead

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish all of my Gentle Readers a very Happy New Year and All Good Things in 2008. This has been a good vacation for personal time, but not so good for keeping up with the blog, which has been in a bit of a fallow period. I thank all of you for your patience and persistence in visiting it. Hopefully, you’re finding lots of material in the archives to enjoy.

I’m planning lots of good stuff in the months ahead with this blog that I want to flag for you.

  1. Lots more work in process about communities, what makes products and brands community-able, and the processes of “communitization.” I am just finishing an article for the Journal of Macromarketing that I really like about the different kinds of innovative online communities out there that I will preview, link to, and excerpt as it gets closer to being in print.
  2. I am building up some material I think you’re going to like about netnography and online communities. I’ll be writing a lot more about interesting companies that are doing interesting things with online communities in a new series to begin soon. I”ll be featuring individual companies and their innovative leaders in interviews, and be asking some of the questions you are curious about. Pushing and extending our thinking about these methods and sites.
  3. I’m going to be examining and talking more about sites like Facebook and Second Life as I stretch the theory of online communities and method of netnography (maybe even videography?) into SNS and Virtual Worlds sites in the year ahead.
  4. There’s a whole new series planned that start to fulfill some of the promise of the name and setup I gave to Brandthroposophy. As I wrote in my initial post in June”The title of this blog derives from a weird hybridizing of consumer culture, management science, entertainment and mysticism,” and wanted to take this blog on a course parallel with Rudolf Steiner’s interesting theorizing and application development, into some idiosyncratic thinking about marketing in today’s world. “Steiner wrote about how questions about the meaning of life were like a form of hunger or thirst; I’d like to see us question the meaning of consumer culture in our lives and our society: see it for all its good and all its pitfalls.” I think I’ve achieve a little of this in the Poschiavo series that has been widely viewed by people outside the marketing circle. A bit of that in the Consumption Studies series as well, where I tried to theorize some internal states about qualia–the internal experiences we all have as our ongoing phenomenological experience. I’m going to try to keep pushing these angles, to do “Edgework” at the interstices of Mysticism and Marketing and see where it leads me. And I hope it’s going to be interesting for you to be a part of that and participate in any ways you see fit.
  5. Finally, I’m planning a redesign of this blog and its interface to make it more attractive, up-to-date, and user friendly. That should be online in the next couple of months.

I look forward to your suggestions, feedback and readership in the year and years ahead. As always, any comments you have about anything you’d like to see or hear would be gratefully received.

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