Brandthro Goes Hardcore


Well, after a long absence Brandthroposophy is back online. There’s been a lot of busy craziness in my household, and lots of productivity on the writing front (which I will be happy to fill you in on in future postings). I have a lot of new material in store for you and I’m planning some exciting changes with the Brandthroposophy website and form.

No, the changes aren’t that kind of hard-core. There’s enough of that on the Internet already. But they’re the kind of material that this blog has become known for, stuff that challenges contemporary marketing thought, develops methodologies, and keeps you up-to-date on the latest theory and practice merging anthropology and cultural studies with the needs of consumer researchers, and retailers, and marketers.

I have some ideas coming up that are going to take this blog, um, where no blog has gone before (sorry).

Thank you for hanging in there. Here we go.

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