It’s not every day we all get front row seats to the end of the world. And perhaps the birth of something amazing. This site is for those who want to gather and explore ideas around technoculture—the ongoing intertwining of culture and technology—and its impact on humanity.

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tekno and rob

tekno and rob

This site is about Tekno. Tekno is a tricky transformational item from the future, a slithery ever-changing part-organic and sometimes tentacled, sometimes kitten-pawed but nonetheless unmistakably robotic being. Teknocultural, the technological, the technosocial, has called to Robert Kozinets his entire life. He has had questions about humanity and technology, no doubt about that, and Tekno does too. Even in the future, the Ais don’t know everything. It’s not clear if he’s here to help, to destroy, or just to stir things up.

His encounters with Tekno leave RK questioning what it means to be human.

And he thinks that’s a good thing to ask right now, as cyborgs melt into virtual humans and uncloseted transhumanists. To be good futurists, equipped for the presence of multiple presents, we need to understand the history and role of Technoculture, technology/ideologies, and the ever-spinning wheels of technology desire. We need to understand the mechanics of networks of desire and recognize that the electrical current they run on is both sexual and thanatological, an orgasmic death-wish combined with an intellectual quest for deeper knowledge as profound as a religious experience.

In ancient times, the prophets saw Angels. In the Middle Ages, they were visited by forest faeries. The late 1800s offered ectoplasmic ghosts. Since the 1940s, its been UFOs. And now, Tekno, the shape-shifting robot from the future. He visits me and, I suspect, he also infiltrates the awareness of others. He does now.

Some of you may know the site’s author as a guy who did some social media method or marketing research but this isn’t exactly that, although yes netnography is involved, too. This is a site for gathering, exploration and adventure setting around futurism, marketing, Tekno and the realms of technoculture and humanity. But if you want concentrated content about business or netnography, go see Netno and his friends in Netnografica-land.

Explore, and become part of the adventure.

What are you to make of commodity culture and its fandoms—the things that led us to the great masterpieces, superheroes, science fiction, graphic novels, and old advertising illustrations. The future world and retro, nostalgia, and science?

more than a blog

more than a blog

As Thomas Richard’s look at 60 years of Victorian advertising spectacle revealed, the modern marketplace “always turns out to be an exploration of a fantastic realm in which things act, speak, rise, fall, fly, [and even] evolve”. And it’s even truer for these days of technoculture, where everything seems to be coming to life, just as predicted.

This website is about all of these things, as the future is: a bit of an adventure. As a form of poetics, it explores the liminal art of technoculture’s representation as well as the rigor of a social science struggling to unpack meaning from understanding. Like previous incarnations of this blog, it strives to be useful, accurate, inspiring, positive, and forward-looking. But in its comprehensiveness the website departs fully from the past blog at or other writings.

For TCA aspires to be site which is much more than just the new blog it contains and the archives from the past its holds. It’s far more than a text. As well as a contemporary blog, it offers readers a glimpse into the life and works of Tekno’s fleshy animation, the floating human bubble Kozinets as he has lived and worked with ideas, words, images, times, energies, sounds and emotions, thus far, wrestling and making deals with various deans, editors, grad students, colleagues, angels, and demons. And, of course, Tekno, the transformatively slippery metamorphy robot from the future, who commanded him to commit to this very site.

Thanks for being here, Kind and Gentle Reader, and for joining in our adventure together.

“Tekno, little pal, what do you say? Ready for some adventures?”

“I say, all systems go, Rob!”