Understanding Tekno and technoculture

A brief introduction to Tekno and technoculture, followed by a series of articles, chapters, and other readings. Offered here  without a paywall for you to peruse, ponder and, perhaps, participate with.


Knowledge made free to all. A curated and possible edited selection of technoculturally inspired articles and chapter for you to peruse and ponder.

Amazonian Forests

Amazonian Forests and Trees: Multiplicity and Objectivity in Studies of Online Consumer-Generated Ratings and Reviews Consumer-generated ratings and reviews play

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Technology/Ideology: How Ideological Fields Influence Consumers’ Technology Narratives It is surprising to realize that the wide currency of the term

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YouTube Utopianism

YouTube Utopianism: Social Media Profanation and the Clicktivism of Capitalist Critique FINAL DRAFTPLEASE CITE AS: Kozinets, Robert V. (2019), “YouTube

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Consuming Technocultures

Consuming Technocultures Significant Technologies and Webs Almost 50 years ago, the American anthropologist Geertz (1973) famously described culture as the

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Fan Creep

In the world of new production development and innovation, the term “feature creep” is given to the tendency of designers

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Post-human Future

How would we predict the future of brands? How would brand management change if we could predict the future? What

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Flow My Posts

From time immemorial, learned speakers and writers have plied their trade by forging unique identities that, today, we would consider

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From the Bible to Plato, to St. Augustine and of course Thorstein Veblen, a range of commentators stretching to the

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