can Consumers Escape The Market?

After all the plans, dreaming and anticipation, on August 31 1999 I veer and bump my rented blue Malibu across deep desert scars, steering it


Knowledge made free to all. A curated and possible edited selection of technoculturally inspired articles and chapter for you to peruse and ponder.

Amazonian Forests

Star Trek is perhaps one of the great consumption phenomena of our time. The science fiction series has been hailed

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It is surprising to realize that the wide currency of the term technology—originally referring to systems of complex machines, now

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YouTube Utopianism

Ever since its conceptual founding in 1516 by Sir Thomas More, an English Catholic lawyer, philosopher, martyr, and Saint, utopia

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Consuming Technoculture

Almost 50 years ago, the American anthropologist Geertz (1973) famously described culture as the “webs of significance” in which human

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Fan Creep

In the world of new production development and innovation, the term “feature creep” is given to the tendency of designers

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Post-human Future

How would we predict the future of brands? How would brand management change if we could predict the future? What

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Flow My Posts

From time immemorial, learned speakers and writers have plied their trade by forging unique identities that, today, we would consider

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From the Bible to Plato, to St. Augustine and of course Thorstein Veblen, a range of commentators stretching to the

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