art show

Technocultural understanding and imagination expressed visually. These aesthetic works are presented for your enjoyment. Links offer you many other works and ways to bring them to life.

Tekno 5.0 Logicboard

Let’s start off the show with a nod to our host, inspiration, and resident guardian angel, Tekno. This is as close as I could get to capturing a “pure” robot form before he shapeshifted into something else, like the growing tentacles and melting feet here.

The Original, A Monster:

From the 2022 Cyborgs Awaken! series of digital art pieces, this work celebrates cyborgian mutuability and liquidity while also pointing out, via a quote from Ollivier Dyen’s Metal & Flesh, that these qualities are immensely destabilizing. Even looking at them can mess you up.

The New God:

From the 2022 Cyborgs Awaken! series of digital art pieces, this one features the cancerous growth of a twisted android and a 1922 quote from Paul Strand. A century in the making!

The Full Flowering:

Setting off and explaining the Cyborgs Awaken! Series. Dark and Borgy, featuring a quote from Jameson about utopias and dystopias. Does anybody remember utopia?

By Becoming Computers:

I have to admit, this one terrifies me almost as much as the first two Terminator movies did. Can you identify the cityscape? N. Katherine Hayles’ writing, some of it terrifies me too.

the future belongs

Who is that weird cyborg guy and what the heck is he sprouting now? The heart and soul of the Cyborgs Awaken! 2022 series, but that’s really no excuse.

What Lies Beyond the Lure?

Perhaps our most primitive technology, but we bought it hook, line, and sinker. What does the fish think and feel at the moment of hooking? Is that what we’re feeling now?

So Speaketh the Underwater Shaman!:

The craft of acrylic sculpture painting, explored with this underwater seen that leaves everything to the imagination.

Burning Man with Symbols:

Burning Man art that began with a photo, then digital alterations, then printing, then metal ink sketching on top. The process reveals the mystical world behind the world, if you get my drift.

Burning Woman

A giant collage painting of the Man united with his feminine counterpart, burning in passion. Contains relics of my visits, ash and splinters from the man himself, and original photographs of couples from the festival.

The Commander Within:

A visual homage to our alien visitors. The ones in our heads and the ones in their heads. Or was this just Tekno in shapeshifter’s form? I find it so hard to tell.