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Book reading is an irreplaceable experience. There are some insights you can only gain from books. Most of my current books are non-fiction and textbooks, but I’ve tried to keep them accessible and reader friendly. If you’re interested, have a look. And if you do decide to order from the Amazon page, thank you!

netnography unlimited 2021

Edited by Robert V Kozinets and Rosella Gambetti

Thirty-four netnographers present 19 chapters examining how they have adapted netnography and what their studies have taught us about the method, technoculture, and the changing world today.

consumer psychology: a modernistic explanation (2021)

Robert V Kozinets

Ban Mittal brought us all together for this beautiful, affordable, and readable overview about all things technocultural and market related about consumption.

netnography: the essential guide

Robert V Kozinets

The third and most recent of the Netnography textbooks, presenting a complete, hands-on, how-to guide to conducting Netnography on any platform for any topic.

netnography: redefined

Robert V Kozinets

The second edition of the SAGE textbook, in which netnography is upgraded, explored, and expanded.

qualitative consumer & marketing research

Russel Belk • Eileen Fischer • Robert V. Kozinets

Still one of the top books to provide a concise and comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of qualitative marketing research, inside of industry and across academia.


Robert V Kozinets

The one that started it all. A bit dated, but still foundational looks at early netnography and research on what were were then calling “online cultures and communities”, i.e., social media.

consumer tribes

Bernard Cova • Robert V Kozinets • Avi Shankar

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Robert V Kozinets

Netnography, the first edition, translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Because Brazilians love netnography!