Nothing sets the scene, bends time, and conveys human reality quite like music does. Kozmic-X explores the buzzing soundscapes of technoculture and music—full versions on your favorite streaming service.


Think of a question. Hold it in your mind. Now, I reach out and pull a book at random from my bookcase. Here’s your answer.

extraterrestial candy

Who says there are no good UFO mystery songs being written?


What is the sound of one hand retweeting? This song has the answer.

Majesty of Blue:

The endless sky, that pillar of nature personified. Or was it all a simulated virtual illusion after all?

Alice’s Self-Preservation

After a long space journey with Tekno, Alice falls down that same old hole again.

Marketing Life 101:

This began life as a reflective poem about marketing society at a CCT Conference.